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    Ladies of Lune: Reesha Isaacs

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    With so much happening in between takes while we’re shooting cool, cute women for @shoplune – it got us thinking that through these conversations, we get to know a little about a lot. Speaking of which, Reesha Isaacs, whose gorgeous photographs you might have spotted on our Instagram feed sweetly answered some fun questions we asked her –


    Sun sign: Cancer

    What you do: Client Services at Gateley Plc

    What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Travelling the world, for a food/nature documentary team (like The Blue Planet, Chef’s Table etc.).

    City/town you presently live in: London


    Your current favourite…

    • Beauty products: My must-have, The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation in Sicily Amber.
    • Self-care ritual: Never go to bed with your make-up on. Always moisturise your skin (argan oil, one product - multiple uses for your skin, hair and nails). Drink water infused with lemon and ginger during the day; at night, apple cider vinegar in warm water.
    • Instagram handles: (Not on Instagram.)
    • Book and/or film: Books, I like crime fiction/thrillers, and some of the authors I like are Karin Slaughter, Gillian Flynn, Sandrone Dazieri; and films, I love me a good ol’ classic, musical or horror movie.
    • Websites: Daily Mail and BBC.
    • Haunt in the city: In London - a pub called Dial Arch (it’s got some history to it), East Street, Frock Me! Vintage Fashion Fair, Greenwich Market (on a Saturday or Sunday in the summer).
    • Piece of jewellery: Rings, rings and more ringsss.
    • Indian and international brands/designers: I do not know much about fashion, but these are the favourites in my cupboard – Levi’s jeans; Adidas and Timberland shoes; AllSaints, ZARA and MANGO clothes; and my new favourite – SHOP LUNE, for its simplicity and direct statement.

    The future is… US. The best way to predict a bright and beautiful future is to create it.


    Reesha is wearing jewellery from SHOP LUNE in all three photographs: in the first, she is wearing the Inaya earrings in her ears and divided signet ring on her finger; in the second, she’s wearing the Haniya hoops; and finally, in the third – Reesha wore the Jamila hoops, and a combination of the Crescent Moon, Pointed Star and Soldier Lariat necklaces on her neck.