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    Ladies of Lune: Smriti Choudhary

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    Through our latest series, Ladies of Lune, not only do we get to document interesting women for @shoplune but we also get to know a little about a lot, between takes. There’s so much to talk about! We recently shot Smriti Choudhary, an artist with a flowy, peaceful vibe (her creations and illustrations have a similar calming feel to them) –


    Sun sign: Leo

    What you do: Artist & Graphic Designer

    What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Dancer or Musician

    City/town you presently live in: Goa


    Your current favourite…

    • Beauty products: Bare Necessities’ Busy Bee Lip Balm
    • Self-care ritual: I wash my face with a sebamed face wash, and apply a face moisturiser meant for gentle skin. It’s pretty basic. (Otherwise, I like to use a homemade mask of honey, turmeric and yoghurt, twice or thrice a month.)
    • Instagram handles: @kliuwong, @kamweiatwork, @zoekellerart
    • Book and/or film: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, and What Will People Say.
    • Websites: Homegrown
    • Haunt in the city: Paper Boat Collective (Sangolda), Alchemy (Mandrem), The Project Café (Assagao), The Village Studio (Parra)
    • Piece of jewellery: A septum ring I bought from People Tree.
    • Indian and international brands/designers: NorBlack NorWhite, The Ikat Story, BOBO Calcutta, Raw Mango

    The future is… NOW! (Microsoft got that right.) The change has to happen now, or there will be no future.


    Smriti is wearing a collared, floral print outfit (in the first picture), and jewellery from SHOP LUNE: a gold tone horn necklace, the Perla and Crescent Moon medallion necklaces on her neck, Razia hoops in her ears and a selection of the Akari, Mother of Pearl Crescent Moon and Essential Basic Ring Set rings on her fingers. In the second photograph, Smriti is wearing the gold suspended choker and Yuna necklace from SHOP LUNE.