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    Shop Local Series // Ruby’s Organics

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    One of the “perkiest” perks of working in an all-women’s team is the fact that there’s always talk of something new in the market that someone’s got the low-down on... It’s one of the better ways to hear about say, a cool, new beauty and skincare product! Truthfully, it’s also how we feel inclined to try out said product for ourselves. Speaking of which, when my editor told me about Ruby’s Organics (a paraben-free, 100% vegetarian make-up brand from India), I needed to know more. Apart from the products promising to be kinder on our skin in the long run, Rubeina Karachiwalla (the founder of Ruby’s Organics) hopes that her brand values will convince more beauty aficionados to not think twice when it comes to purchasing cruelty-free make-up over commercial cosmetics. More of our conversation with Rubeina, below –

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    Please tell SHOP LUNE about how Ruby’s Organics came to be.

    “The idea behind Ruby’s Organics was born out of the need to create ‘healthier make-up’ in India. In my early twenties, like most girls, I was a huge cosmetics enthusiast. Little did I know that I would wind up on the receiving end of some harsh breakouts on my skin! I was determined to find healthier alternatives to the common synthetic ingredients found in regular make-up compositions. What started as a kitchen experiment, eventually became a full-blown make-up range. After a lot of time spent in research and development, we managed to develop make-up staples without the use of alcohol, chemical preservatives, silicones, petrochemicals, and heavy metals.”

    The essence of the brand being make-up that is paraben-free and 100% vegetarian, what challenges do you face in terms of production and sourcing relevant ingredients?

    “You know on the contrary, it’s far simpler to work with organic and natural products. It’s not complex at all. Luckily, we now have access to some very good ECOCERT- and COSMOS-standard certified ingredients available in India. Apart from a strict quality and stability test, there aren’t any unusual challenges. We are constantly improving on the quality of our ingredients and the innovation in this space is incredible, right now.”

    Owing to their formulation, is it best to consume certain products within months or weeks?

    “Yes, as per our efficacy testing, you can use the product up to 18 months from the date of manufacture, which is why we don’t sell in large quantities. A humid climate often poses a problem for the products, and they must be kept away from excess moisture and sunlight.”

    Were there any unusual ingredients you came to find when working on formulations?

    “The organic/natural space is unarguably the future of cosmetics. We now have so many companies world over, discovering alternatives and breakthrough bioactive ingredients that one could never imagine. One of the most exciting ingredients we use is resveratrol (also found in wine fruits) which is derived from the skin of grapes, and is a powerful antioxidant, far more potent than its synthetic counterparts.”

    When it comes to using vegetarian dyes for products like blush, eye shadow, lipstick - how do you deepen/lighten tones (with respect to pigments)?

    “A majority of the colours are procured from minerals like iron oxides, micas, and titanium dioxide. Various combinations and permutations of these basic minerals give us different shades to work with. We also use food-grade colours.”

    As someone who has recently taken a liking to shimmery make-up, I was thrilled to learn you make highlighter. Was coming up with a formulation fairly difficult?

    “We work with micas for the shimmer component. The formula consists primarily of seed butters, wax, oils, clays, and minerals. All our face products essentially share the same base, the difference is the colour component.”

    Shop Local is a monthly online pop-up featuring and recommending goods from small and mid-sized brands founded by artists and makers we love who tell their stories though their products.

    Shop Local Series is a monthly online pop-up featuring small and mid-sized brands, artists, and makers we love from India who tell their stories though their products. This pop-up isn't live anymore on our website as the pop-ups are meant to be for only 15 days, but you can hop onto their Instagram and show her your love.