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    Shop Local Series // Ayca

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    When we first stumbled upon Ayca, a bath and wellness brand by Mallyeka Watsa and Himani Singh – we were excited and intrigued! Founded in 2015, Ayca entered the market identifying as and promising to be a brand that focuses on making beauty and skincare products that are natural and paraben-free. As we find ourselves inclined to be more conscious of the products we consume and where we’re putting our money toward, brands such as these are always on our radar. (If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you will already know that we’re quite besotted with their Frankincense Face Oil.)

    Please tell SHOP LUNE more about what inspired the name, Ayca (we are lovers of the moon too), and your line of products.

    “In Turkish, the word Ayça translates to the rising new moon - a time considered magical to begin, create, cultivate and develop. We really liked the meaning of this and also thought the name was beautiful. We are both influenced by the moon and its cycles and so, Ayca was born.”

    Making sure that your products are natural and paraben-free, how challenging is this to uphold? In terms of sourcing ingredients, creating bases for the products, understanding formulations and producing products that work effectively on the skin?

    Ayca’s recipes have been passed down from Mallyeka’s great grandmother, and use only the purest ingredients, with a commitment to ‘preserve these ancient crafts and offer a holistic approach to refresh, replenish, and revitalise.’ They’ve been refined and passed down for three generations and Ayca is so proud and lucky to be a part of this incredible story!”

    What are your most-loved ingredients to work with, how long does it take to craft and formulate a line once you have narrowed upon a concept?

    “We spent a lot of time working on our Aloe vera collection - you will find a wide variety of Aloe vera products on Ayca each suited for a different skin type. These can easily take up to a few months as we also need to observe how the oils react with the bases over time and we get an extensive amount of feedback from our friends, families and clients whom we meet at various events that we take part in before finalising the collection.”

    What are your current favourite products from Ayca? What do you recommend for the winter season in India?

    “Well, this is a tough choice, but we love the body butters - the formulation was created by Mallyeka’s grandmother and we have not changed it at all! It works wonders in the winter (it’s super nourishing/hydrating) and also helps reduce stretch marks. The Rose & Sandalwood Face Scrub and the Frankincense Face Oil are some of our other favourites.”

    Shop Local Series is a monthly online pop-up featuring small and mid-sized brands, artists, and makers we love from India who tell their stories though their products. This pop-up isn't live anymore on our website as the pop-ups are meant to be for only 15 days, but you can hop onto their Instagram and show her your love.