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    Shop Local Series // Carol's Shop and Tea Room


    Carol Humtose of Carol’s Shop and Tea Room, a vintage store, has her Instagram aesthetic on point. Carol is a model by profession who turned her side hustle into a business that’s in its nascent stages in Dimapur, Nagaland. We were immediately drawn to her effortless and intelligent styling in a setting that isn’t forced. You can easily pick pieces from her curated shop and include it into your everyday wardrobe. The fact that the pieces are vintage and planet friendly at affordable price points make us want to own a piece from her collection instead of going to the high-street and why not, right?! Its no wonder, she’s found a customer in Kiran Rao whose style she admires and we do too. 

    Carol’s pieces are carefully picked and curated from her travels from Rishikesh, Nepal, Delhi, Dharamshala, Nagaland to New York. It was no surprise that we wanted to start our Shop Local Series with Carol’s shop. Get to know more about her inspiration and love for vintage before you shop her pieces here.

    1. Curious to know how Carol's Shop & Tea Room came to be? 

    Carol's shop and tea room started about two years ago. It's located in dimapur, Nagaland. I have always loved vintage clothes and I greatly appreciate the idea of upcycling and reusing particularly in these times of use and throw fashion where waste is slowly becoming a menace. 

    I would wear hand-me-downs from my mom/ aunts/friends and from flea markets. I would get many compliments for those clothes and often people would ask me to pick things for them. Thus, the idea of a shop came about where I put all the things I love, together.

    2. How was your childhood like and what do you love about the city that you grew up in?

    I grew up in a small town in Dimapur where life was easy and people were way more connected then now, I grew up appreciating nature and relationships.

    3. What skills from your career as a fashion model did you apply in your business? 

    As a model you get to wear clothes day in and out and through that I gained the experience of observation, how a garment should fit and feel.

    4. Do you have any special vintage pieces that you’re proud to own? 

    I have some pieces that have been passed down by my mom, clothes that she owned in the 70's, some dresses that I hope to pass down.

    5. Do you plan your shoots in advance? Any tips on photography when someone's just starting out?

    I do most of the shoots myself with the little help from some friends.

    I think the styling process already starts when I am sourcing these clothes and then it's just about experimenting, mixing the colours and patterns with each other. 

    6. Any advice for our readers who want to turn their creative interests into a full-time business? 

    If you have any dream, specially if it's a creative one, you need to be passionate, find out if your interest is really based on something substantial.

    Shop Local Series is a monthly online pop-up featuring small and mid-sized brands, artists, and makers we love from India who tell their stories though their products. Shop Carol's shop here. ( The pop-up for Carol's shop isn't live anymore on our website as the pop-ups are meant to be for only 15 days, but you can hop onto her Instagram and show her your love ).

    This story has been edited and condensed by Divya Sehgal.

    Carol's Photo Courtesy: Manou of Wearabout