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    The alchemy of shaa'ir


    The ever-so vibrant Monica Dogra of the electro-funk duo Shaa'ir and Func talks about music (her musical fantasy is jaw-dropping), her jewellery and all the fun things you'll be glad to have found out about her.

    Q & A with Monica Dogra

    What's your current favourite piece of jewellery?

    A hand made, hammered gold, opal ring designed by and gifted to me by someone who loves me very much.  

    Are you a statement piece kind of gal or do you go for the understated jewellery?

    I go for understated jewellery that means something to me. 

    What about Shop Lune's jewellery made you say: "Okay, I'm wearing this and never taking it off."?

    I love that it feels raw, of the earth, mystic, bohemian, and interpretable. 

    What do you look forward to the most when you wake up?

    I like to burn something... Sage... Camphor... Raw dhoop... And put on a soundtrack for my life.  Mornings are my time to myself. 

    What are you listening to on loop these days?

    Oh wonder- Body Gold (Louis the child remix)... It's a beautiful tune. 

    Who would you be sharing stage space with in your musical fantasy?

    Thom Yorke and bjork... 

    What was life like before Shaa'ir+Func?

    I lived in NYC and had absolutely no plan to move to India.  S+F changed the script of my entire life! 

    How different (or same) is Shaa'ir from Monica?

    Shaa'ir is an extension of myself... Shaa'ir is where I get to be my most realized and my most powerful version of myself. 

    Pinpoint a place on the map where you would like to be right now.

    New Zealand 

    Good books you read lately?

    100 years of solitude - G.G. Marquez 

    The best meal ever is at...

    Pizza metro pizza

    What are Monica Dogra's famous last words.

    Im in the business of illusion... Art is alchemy... And love is tricky business.

    Illustration: Rohan Shetty Gowda (@brohan_) 

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