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    Ladies of Layering: We are SHOP LUNE

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    As the cold finally begins to creep in here within the air surrounding Bombay, I’m thrilled that I get to wear my favourite cardigans, scarves and sweaters alike. I am a big, ol’ fan of layering when it comes to my outfits, and never to be just cosy – it’s kind of like my ‘style’ thing… It’s what I do. Another form of ‘layering’ I quite dig is of the jewellery kind. You will never see me not wearing a bunch of my (currently) most-adored charm necklaces together (I always wear two or three at any given time). Layering your jewellery is a cool, cool way to personalise and make a particular look your very own –

    A is for Accentuate


    What are you hoping to accentuate about your look? Do you want a certain piece, or part of your body to stand out? Answering these questions will help you put a selection of pieces together.

    Building a Theme


    It’s important to know what inspires your look on a given day or night. For instance, are you hoping to give off a classy vibe or are you interested in looking eclectic and edgy? Knowing this will help you sort out what pieces work and what don’t. It’s also interesting to note the garments you’re wearing - should their fabric, motifs have a similar theme going on; for instance, our conch shell necklaces might work better on neutral coloured clothing in pristine whites and calm, cool tones etc.

    Combination is Key


    In the case of combining various pieces, you can sometimes chance upon something super unique. It’s basically a mix-and-match situation, as you figure out what looks most appealing to you. Sometimes wearing two different tones of metal looks good and at times, it doesn’t. Pairing a choker (or dainty charm necklace) with a long necklace is my favourite hack! It’s essential for you to figure out what works for your style and vibe (as per your comfort level).

    Cool Complements


    Cool complements, sister, are the name of the game! It’s like this talent but also a nifty trick to know what complements what. An easy way to ‘layer or stack effortlessly’ could be picking out several dainty, minimal pieces and then adding one final piece that is the ‘star’ of your look. As is illustrated by the picture above, the Pointed Star necklace quite literally is the hero of this look.

    Double Layering


    Ah, my favourite-favourite thing! I’d like to think that ‘double layering’ is a trick that originated here at SHOP LUNE. You see, sometimes when you really like something, you get two of it. It’s just good sense and easy math. Two (of the same thing) is always better than one!

    The Devil is in the Details


    It’s alright if you sometimes want your outfit to be the star, and your jewellery - the supporting cast and vice-versa. We get it. What is beautiful about layering is that there are no rules. (Even though I made you read this article. Don’t send me hate mail!) Remember to go with your intuition, have fun and keep it simple (well, simply ‘you’). Geddit?