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    Ladies of Lune: Rodali Dutta


    LadiesOfLune is Shop Lune’s ode to sisterhood. It’s a visual mixtape of our lovely jewellery on lovely women who do lovely things.

    For our next feature on the second edition of #LadiesOfLune we photographed Rodali Dutta. She’s a visual artist, a DJ and a model (we’re pretty sure she was a wood-faery in a past life too). Her elfin features and take on disappointment had us in a rapture.

    Rodali Dutta

    Sun sign: Scorpio

    What you do: Visual Artist

    What you would be doing if you didn’t do what you currently do: Something to do with foods to travel

    City/town you presently live in: Delhi

    Your current favourite…

    • Beauty products: Anything that is going to moisturise my skin really well.
    • Self-care ritual: Making sure to get enough time with myself/alone
    • Instagram handles: @e_merlin_m, @evanmcohen, @aleia, @dr.azra, @brownhistory, @physicsfun
    • Podcasts: I love Joe Rogan’s podcasts
    • Book and/or film: The Gods Themselves and the Harry Potter Series are my all time fav books.
    • Websites: I don’t really have one favourite. I like to browse a lot of things, mostly arts, music, architector/interior decor, a little bit of fashion.
    • Haunt in the city: Not sure. I guess in the little bit of time between work I love being at home the most.
    • Indian and international brands/designers: I like Indian brands like Jodi Life, Dressfolk, NorBlack NorWhite. Brands that use traditional Indian techniques and fabrics in modern styles. When it comes to international brands I love designers like Iris Van Herpen, people who push the boundaries of what fashion, art and technology can be.

    What jewellery style naturally attracts you?
    I love delicate jewellery, not too heavy or loud. Gold and lots of colour.

    First thought/word that comes to your mind when you think about Lune?
    Dreamy and ethereal jewellery

    Rodali Dutta

    Opinions/musings about:

    The industry that you work in?
    I work in a lot of different industries. Art, advertisements, fashion, nightlife. I enjoy them all because I get to be creative in different ways every week. No one work day is the same for me so it never feels monotonous or boring.

    Sisterhood ( what does sisterhood mean to you now that you wish you knew 10 years ago )
    Sisterhood is community and holding space. Sisterhood is learning from each other and supporting one another.

    What have you learnt from disappointment?
    Disappointment is a great teaching moment. It prepares you for what could happen, it’s taught me to keep going, most things are out of my control so to be happy, go with the flow and knowing that things may hurt or get messed up but it’s all a teaching moment, or a moment of realisation.

    On love and kindness
    It’s the two of the most important traits for all humans to have, with it comes compassion, empathy.

    On routine
    Having a routine is super important to me. I like having things to do and having a good routine just organises your day better to give you the most productive day you can have.

    On city living
    City living is frustrating for sure, Delhi is a really chaotic place to live, but I’ve had a lot of great days here. But I guess the ultimate goal for me is to be able to move to a quieter place, still close enough to civilisation

    The future is…
    A mystery, but judging by the present I think it’s something I’m excited for

    Rodali Dutta

    Rodali wears jewellery from Shop Lune in all the photographs: in the first one she wears the Starburst necklace with the Glossy Big Baroque Pearl Hoops in rose gold; in the second image she pairs Luxe Lune Shell And Baroque Pearl Drops with the Conch Shell necklace. Pictured in the third image is the Mie gold-tone sterling silver ring set of four.

    Photography by Gorkey Patwal