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    The Skincare Edit: All About Oils

    By  Roanna Fernandes

    When I was growing up, I had misconceptions about oil as a beauty and skincare product – whether for my body or hair, and my face? Forget it! Even so, I didn’t recall then that as a baby, my mum had me massaged everyday (I had a bai) so that my hair and limbs would grow to be healthy and smooth. It did work, for the most part – I believe. Then came the teens and everything went wrong. A fair combination of angst and acne, and ah! Oily skin (and my poor self-esteem) was suddenly the bane of my existence.

    Anyway, cut to oils and me – now (I’m in my early thirties), I have to say I’m intrigued! I’ve been experimenting with a few body and face oils ever since 2015 but none have found a way into my beauty routine on a regular basis (yet). They’re hard to find, particularly if you’re looking at those that are made/sourced ethically, and even then, it can be hard to know what to pick. Let’s dig deeper then, shall we?

    “I’m not a regular oil. I’m a cold-pressed oil!”

    I know what you’re thinking: What makes a cold-pressed oil so Holy-Grail-ish? A cold-pressing technique involves extracting the oil from the leaves, nuts or seeds of the plant to ensure that no heat is created or transferred during the process that could potentially alter/hinder the essential properties of the oil. In the case of regular oil, the extracting method uses heat (commercially, this guarantees that a larger quantity of oil is produced) and this means that the aroma and some nutritional properties are often diluted.


    My editor here at SHOP LUNE particularly likes the 100% Moringa Cold Pressed Oil from Moringa What because it’s high in Omega-9 fatty acids, and is excellent for those with dry skin. (This one can also be used on your hair, it serves as a protectant against pollutants.)

    What does it do for my skin?

    Cold-pressed oils have a bunch of anti-ageing, hydrating and ultra-quenching benefits. The other cool things they do are calm inflammations, correct dark spots, minimise scarring and prevent breakouts. Apricot-Body-and-Face-Oil Focusing on the inherent goodness of apricots, Junaili’s Apricot Body Oil and Apricot Face Oil are rich in fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-9, and Vitamins A and E (the best anti-ageing agents out there). The body oil is lightweight, and works to fight eczema and joint pain; if you are prone to acne, the Apricot Face Oil containing geranium is a reasonable pick.

    How do I choose the best or well, the right cold-pressed oil then?

    Because a cold-pressed oil is unrefined, the product you’re considering should possess a strong aroma; being zero-comedogenic is a plus (it won’t clog your pores) - it mustn’t contain additives, chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Frankincense-Face-Oil Ah, it makes sense now why one of the three kings made a gift of Frankincense to baby Jesus, back then! Frankincense is known to be anti-ageing, fragrant and healing. The Frankincense Face Oil blend by Ayca contains grape-seed and jojoba oil, and promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars.

    How do essential oils fit into the picture?

    Essential oils are fragrant and potent, and come with their own distinctive benefits; for instance, lavender and tea tree are regarded for their acne-fighting and skin-calming properties. Lavender-Face-Oil A variant of the apricot oils, the Lavender Face Oil by Junaili is fragrant and non-greasy – I love how lavender smells, and I’d like to add this to my beauty routine, this winter. All products mentioned here are available to purchase on shoplune.com.