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    Skinny love

    By  Ikyatha Yerasala

    ‘Haw, if I do uff you will fly away’ claims a relative who bumps into you at a family function. While you think 'how negative is your IQ' another aunty screams 'you need to eat or you will disappear' without even thinking twice that you could actually eat twice as much as her and still not get tyres around your body (touch wood). Yes, it’s easy and common to shame skinny people for well, being their natural self. But only those who've been through it know the ordeal of having to deal with bizarre comments most of which are so lame that you start to doubt the existence of intelligence in homosapiens.

    As a skinny girl who's been ridiculed all her life for being thin, I can assure you that it's not all pleasant on our side. You will be surprised to know that skinny people too have to deal with a lot of body shaming and nasty comments. I've had to change the way I dress, talk and interact with people so that I don't look 'as skinny as I really am'. Starting off with 'what are you, 5 kilos’ to 'what do you even eat', the weirdness and atrocity of comments from people around you can be plain mind numbing.

    Every body shaming article I’ve read talks about how fat people are mocked for being huge. The grass may look greener on the other side for those who aspire to be skinny, but believe you me when I say this - we too have to witness a million people who pass offensive statements without even realizing that a comment about someone’s body not being perfect can be hugely upsetting for some. The sad part is that these people don’t know that they’re being hurtful. Seriously, peeps, have you not heard of high metabolism? How can you not realize that people come in all shapes and sizes and being thin is no crime?!

    Here are some of the ridiculous one-liners skinny people have to bear:

    1. Do you even eat? (No, I breathe and let the air fill my stomach instead)
    2. What are you, 30 kilos?
    3. Oh you poor thing, look at you. (Thanks for your concern, but you’ll stop feeling sad for me when I rock a size zero dress)
    4. I’ll do uff and you’ll fly away. (Did you just compare me to a feather?)
    5. You eat so much, where does it all go?
    6. Why do you need to exercise? You’ll become invisible if you do. (Have you not heard of something called being fit)
    7. You’re so tiny; do you shop in the kids section? (Actually, I do and I fit into kids’ clothes with ease and pay lesser than you!)
    8. You can sit on my lap if there’s no space. You’re so small anyway.

    The next time you plan to rip a skinny person apart for well, being skinny, remember that she shops at Abercrombie and Fitch Kids and pays wayyyyy lesser than you. Enough said. 

    Illustration: Sneha Shanker (@illustrated_whimsy) is an independent graphic designer and illustrator who likes dreamy color palettes, surreal narratives and drawing charming mundane activities.

    Words: A journalist by profession, Ikyatha has interviewed a host of well-known faces for various publications. She currently writes for Deccan Chronicle and the Healthcare Executive.