Literally me by Julie Houts

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Julie Houts has cultivated a devoted following as “Instagram’s favourite illustrator” (Vogue) by lampooning the conflicting messages and images women consume and share with the world every day. A collection of darkly comic illustrated essays, Literally Me chronicles the exploits of “slightly antisocial heroines” (Refinery29) in vivid, excruciatingly funny detail, including:

-The beauty routine of a deranged bride who aspires to be “truly without flaws” on her wedding day

-What happens when Kylie Jenner has an existential crisis and can no longer “step out” 

-A journey to Coachella by the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse 

-The true dating confessions of a fembot 

-The terrifying description for Alice Staunch’s book How to Be a Perfect Feminist

-The diary of Fiddle Ficus, a tree that lives inside a C É L I N E store, and much more

Julie’s singular voice and illustrations reveal the truth about the absurdity of life in the social media age: the line between becoming a total “Girlboss” and a twenty-first century American Psycho is razor-thin.

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