Crater choker

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Molten gold that has been melted, welded and forged just for you - this family is inspired by embossed craters on the moon that are formed by meteor collisions (an action that is uncannily mimicked by our karigars when making this family). Lunar craters are formed when meteors and asteroids plow onto the moon's surface, a phenomenon that has left astronomers filled with wonders. This family is dedicated to Tycho and Schrödinger and Apollo who we knew as the rabbit on the moon when we were younger.   

 The Crater choker sits above the collar bones and hugs the neck in an effort to remind you of the wonders of this universe.

Because the Crater family is handcrafted and not moulded from a cast, they may not look exactly like one another and every piece will look different (which we think lends to their robust charm).


- Designed in Goa, India

- Material: 100% brass / Nickel tested / 1 micron gold plated

- Dimensions: 4.5" wide at the top, 12" + 4" extender

Shop Lune tip: Wear the Crater choker layered with a Small Moon Medallion necklace or on its own + paired with a pant suit for work or with a tube tee and denims for play

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