Selene choker

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Moondrops, tears of the moon, perlas - the classic pearl has always been used as ornamentation and a sign of luxury. They're a gorgeous representation of the moon on Earth. The Selene choker is a necklace that sits right above your collarbone with flat, round pearls and a mother of pearl crescent charm (for an extra dash of lunar resplendence).


- Designed in Goa, India

- Material: Sterling silver / Nickel tested / 1 micron gold plated / Rare freshwater baroque pearls 

Shop Lune tip: Pair the Moondrops choker with one of the gold Sade hoops. It looks equally lovely when worn with the clasp at the back and front, match it to the neckline of your clothing to highlight the choker; wear the clasp in front with a deep or plunging neckline, wear the clasp at the back with halter or backless outfits

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