Apricot Face Oil 35 ML

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1. Made with extra-pure cold pressed apricot oil, our face oil contains pure geranium that helps fade scars and blemishes.

2. A perfect night repair oil, owing to apricot oil's anti-ageing properties.

3. Apply a few drops of oil on cleansed face every night.

4. Perfect as a moisturiser after using our apricot face scrub.

5. Ideal for dry and sensitve skin.

Junaili is based in the Kumaon Himalayas, in Uttarakhand making its own cold-pressed products in Rautakhet at 7000 feet. The oil is expelled under 49 degrees celsius, hence cold-pressed. All Junaili products are 100% natural  and chemical-free and made in small-batches. They procure wild apricot kernels directly from farmers. Junaili also means 'moonlight' in pahadi language.


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