Baby Polaris. Gold plated sterling silver North Star studs

Rs.   1200.00


The sparkliest tiny studs add a flash of gold to your ears, include this in your box of everyday classics, they’re keepers.

This summer at Shop Lune, we are going back to the essentials — drawing attention to our ears. Reanimating the elegance of something so common in our society. Piercings, a part of global tapestry depicting modern-day culture and identity, are woven together by way of intentional and artful designs that feel as universal as they do unique.

While much of it focuses on community and connection, the cycles of culture and identity are Lune’s most frequent and trusted collaborators. It is simply a thing we do so that our pieces foster a cultural fling for a softer, more nuanced look and feel. Our pieces are made with a one-size fit all approach, clusters of dainty studs that are sleek and delicate – gold vermeil jewellery created for a new dawn.


- Designed in Goa, India

- Material: 925 sterling silver / Nickel tested / 1 micron gold plated

Shop Lune Tip: The North Star, aka Polaris is one of the brightest stars of the cosmos, mirror it’s ebullience by pairing it with our Isa crescent moon threaders. 

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