Gold Tone Sterling Silver Signet Ring

Rs.   2500.00


Well-known or not, here’s the thing. While we love trends and are always on the lookout for the next big thing, we’re kinda old-fashioned when it comes to our style and vibe. Jewels that are quaint and exude old world charm and culture and history are just our favourite thing, ever. Speaking of which, this is our modern take on an age-old design. May we present… The. Classic. Signet. Ring!


- Designed in Goa, India

- Gold tone

- Handcrafted in sterling silver and polished with gold 

- Ring diameter:

US 8 / Large size / Adjustable 

US 6 / Small size / Adjustable / Perfect for your pinky finger 

- This ring is one of our bestsellers and made-to-order, it will take 14 - 20 working days to reach you

- Shop Lune tip: Wear your signet ring with jewellery that’s complementary but not over-the-top, say, thin gold hoops and our Crescent Moon medallion or Pointed Star necklaces.

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